Talking About Your Last Days: Preparation to the Journey’s End

Death is one of the biggest taboos in our modern society. The notion of “passing away” and leaving this world seems to be a morbid notion for most of us and likely to spark fear, not only to individuals but also to loved ones. Death has been associated with many negative things, though the reality is that we will all have to face it–sooner or later–as all living beings must to end the journey through this earthly life.

Contemplating how we want to leave this life might be viewed just like a preparation to a special event. Though it is undeniable that it may bring a lot of sadness and longing to our loved ones, it is in our hands to make them understand that it is inevitable. Talking about death and how we want to face it takes courage. It is unknown what exactly will happen to us after we depart from this material realm, but it is an honorable and practical to face the reality of this journey called life.

Creating the atmosphere for this “talk” doesn’t have to be dramatic but needs to be approached like any unavoidable circumstances that we need to be prepared for. This day will eventually come. Therefore, being open about your preferences about how you want to spend your last days will make it easier for you and your loved ones to deal with it in a more open and loving way. Most of us may never have the opportunity to prepare for it like the ones who grow old. The swiftness of our journey’s end may come without warning, so the best time to talk to our loved ones about it is in the present moment.

One of the biggest benefits of talking about death is emphasizing the reality that everything is temporary, and therefore every second we spend with each other should not be taken for granted. Our modern lifestyle makes it easier for us to just watch life pass by and ignore the little things around us. By encouraging people to be open about the reality of death, we are encouraging them to value their present connections and value the time we spend with them. This can also provide a greater sense of purpose and reflection to what people and experiences mean to us.

Talking about our physical departure may never be a casual conversation. Depending on your orientation and the way you relate with the people around you, different views may arise from your attempt to open up about the topic. You may need to be prepared to encounter resistance, but talking about this subject will likely strengthen you and the people around you to face death with dignity.

Change With Courage is an online resource to understand good death and how to talk about it with your loved ones. Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund expounds on how people can face death with dignity and help us see the subject of mortality in a more objective, practical, and loving way. You can visit her website at and learn more on how you can talk to your loved ones about your final days.

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