Fourth Edition: The Last Adventure of Life

The Last Adventure of Life (4th Edition)


This is a collection of inspirational stories, poetry, scripture, prayers, and resources. These pieces come from all walks of life to help the reader acknowledge the unity and interconnectedness of all. It has been aptly called “a book for healing and prayer.”

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The Last Adventure of Life: Sacred Resources for Living and Dying from a Hospice Counselor

Findhorn Press, 2008. 263 pages. ISBN 9781844091379

This is a collection of inspirational stories, poetry, scripture, prayers, and resources. These pieces come from all walks of life to help the reader acknowledge the unity and interconnectedness of all. It has been aptly called “a book for healing and prayer.” People who may especially appreciate this book are:

  • Individuals who are preparing for the mystical and transformational process of death, and their family members and friends
  • Hospice workers and volunteers who deal with death and dying on a regular basis
  • Bereaved persons dealing with a death, or with any major transitions in their lives
  • Those spiritual seekers who are waking up to the fragility of material things and desiring to tune in to their spiritual nature
  • Baby boomers with aging parents who live longer but often are dealing with chronic illnesses that debilitate or handicap them

Because Maria’s work in spiritual and bereavement care with hospice honors the interconnectedness of all things, this book has a universal perspective and appeal. Anyone interested in the mystical Oneness of All could appreciate it; it is also likely to assist those desiring to go deeper spiritually. This book includes inspirational stories, poetry, scripture, prayers, and guided meditations. It also has chapters on grief and relaxation/healing tools, and a wealth of reference material. It is a “treasure trove of hope and healing,” reframing the experience of death as a new and exciting chapter in life.


I loved reading around in your book, The Last Adventure of Life. It is so chock-full of resources and prayers and stories. I am reading things out of order and am currently really enjoying the chapter on Trust. Beautifully written.

Suzanna McCarthy, LICSW


It is skillful advice from a revered hospice worker who speaks from the deep experience of a true heart.

Stephen & Ondrea Levine


This is the most genuine, information-rich, readable, and hopeful treasury of reflections on living and dying I have had the pleasure of reading, written by a seasoned hospice counselor with the melodic name of Maria Dancing Heart, whom I suspect is actually two parts angel and one part spiritual ounselor/hospice worker. Like the author’s moniker, the poetry, stories, prayers, meditations, resources, sample teachings, inspirational readings, and support for the “last adventure of life” in these pages dance with love and compassion—and always reframing the experience of death to one of transformation. …

If there were a master manual for living, this book would be first on the required reading list.

Julie Clayton, New Consciousness Review


As a seasoned Hospice Social Worker, I have read countless textbooks, nonfiction books, references and novels about death and the dying experience. When I picked up Maria Dancing Heart’s book, The Last Adventure of Life, I knew I was meant to read it. It felt good in my hands. Her warmth and support radiated off every page. The volume of compiled wisdom and information that this special book contains will support and serve anyone who lives with death and dying.

As a professional the book sensitized me. As a human being it expanded my faith and offered me comfort. I said to myself “Wouldn’t it be great to meet this author!” Little did I know, when I was a Guest Speaker at a local seminar some time later, the author would be in the audience! She came up to me afterwards and introduced herself. She was just as compassionate, wise and wonderful as the book led me to believe she was. I don’t know if this is a testimonial for her book or for her, but either way she makes life – and the last adventure of it – better. It is a privilege to know Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund and to have read her book.

Kate McGahan, MSW


In looking through your book, I see there are many marvelous sections to share as reflections with our staff. We will enjoy taking turns reading them to each other. I know we will learn from what you offer. It is always wonderful to know others are looking to improve end of life care within our culture. I look forward to gaining insight from your vast experience.

Georganne Trandum, Director of Improving Care through the End of Life, Franciscan Health System


My 18 year old daughter died in a car accident in July and I have been seeking solace in books to try and heal. This book is one of a couple of the best books I have in my library that are my favorites and that I find myself giving away to others to help them heal as well. I found Maria’s book last month just perusing though a new age bookstore and read it in a day. It is such a lovely, calming and inspring book all at once. It is a gift of knowledge and peace that has been a blessing in my journey to find peace. I am looking forward to reading Maria’s other book, starting today since they arrived together.

L.S., in Paradise Valley, AZ


I am utterly grateful to Maria Dancing Heart for her wisdom to listen between the spaces of stillness as the beauty of the universe answers our prayers for the dying…

Kim Snyder Sterrs, Hospice Spiritual Care Provider


The book is lovely … strong, loving, practical. … It resonates deeply with me and I am honored to have been able to share in its birth in a small way.

Leah Kosh, artist (of center piece on book cover) and hospice volunteer


The Last Adventure of Life is phenomenal. You’ve written a heart-warming, inspiring, informative book that fills an important void. This book carries a vital message and it deserves to be published. I would be honored and delighted to be the literary agent for this outstanding book project.

Michele Rooney, Literary Agent


I have searched through many books to use as a text for my “Death & Dying, Life & Living” class. I sought to go beyond dry, sterile, pedantic and information crammed books which were ultimately fear based. I chose The Last Adventure of Life because it is reader friendly, alive, a resource and repository of hope, kindness, and love.

John Petellat, Psychology Instructor, Daytona Beach College, Florida


I have found Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund’s book The Last Adventure of Life very helpful just to pick up and read any place in it. A supportive resource of understanding, guiding experience and calming love. A positive guide for trouble shooting what’s happening to my wearing out body.

Buryl Awakening Heart, survivor of 13 heart attacks, Sedona AZ


Maria Dancing Heart has expertly combined the word of God, her career experiences working with hospice, and many stories and poems from a large selection of authors and individuals to put together this deep, meaningful, and informational book.

Rev. Anne Marie Evers, author of Affirmations: Your Pasport to Happiness


We just found out my Father has lung cancer, in the lymph nodes, and on his liver… I’ve been reading The Last Adventure of Life every day for a month now. God put it in my hands! Friday night, when my father told me, I didn’t flinch. I read him the story about Judgement (old man and white horse) and his eyes lit up. That is how we will deal with this illness! Thank you so much for your book. I was prepared and unafraid.

John S., USA


I have been asking God and seeking understanding about death since the painful loss of my mother and sister from breast cancer. Her book is a trasure trove of richness not just about grief, loss, and the dying, but about life itself. To receive such goodness and guidance causes me to rejoice in God’s mysterious ways. The door has opened and His conduit of love comes forth page after page of Maria’s book through her spiritual experiences with hospice patients. I am forever grateful for this valuable resource of information and Maria’s gift to humanity.

Joy D. Krein, hospice (spiritual care) volunteer


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