Maria is enjoying getting out to speak, preach, and offer workshops and classes. In March 2013, she taught a 2-day intensive class at Naropa University (Boulder, CO) on “Opening the Heart to the Last Adventure of Life.”

Some of the topics Maria speaks about are:

Trusting Transitions: Reclaiming the Cycle/Circle of Life

This presentation (class) will help individuals examine their perspectives on death, grief, and transitions/change of all kinds. We will explore how to weave life and death back together again in a culture that has separated death from life. We will look at ways that death and grief can teach us about life, and how we can remain open and to learn and grow from these opportunities that come into our lives. We will take the time to do some personal sharing in small groups of two and three people. Simple holistic techniques for relaxation and healing will be taught that can assist people who are moving through any kind of transition and/or stress. These are techniques that can also be used for healthy self-care.

“The responsibility of the nurse (caregiver) is not to make people well, or to prevent their getting sick, but to assist people to recognize the power that is within them to move to higher levels of consciousness.” – Margaret A. Newnan, PhD., RN, FAAN

Listen to Rev. Maria’s sermon at the Unity Center of the Valley, “Trusting Transition – Reconnecting with the Circle of Life.”

Joyful Transitions and the Essential Oils

Essential oils are a wonderful tool to help us relax and move through changes of all kinds. In this talk Maria will explore some ways to use specific oils during a variety of transitions, including the final one. Come prepared to have some fun, too, as we’ll be getting out the oils for you to smell and appreciate.

Dancing with Death in Creative, Joyful, Courageous Ways
The Transforming Power of Grief
Making Friends with the Last Adventure of Life
Making Friends with Grief and Death
Joyful Transitions: Bringing Death Back to Life
How Is Cancer Affecting Your Life?
What the Dying Can Teach Us about Living through these Changing Times

Maneuvering through Change with Grace, Ease, and Joy!

One might say that the entire world today is “on hospice.” We are all being called to die to the old so as to make space for the new! Learning the secrets and wisdom of hospice can help us better cope. Maria Dancing Heart combines her expertise from hospice with her vision for world peace and understanding in a most unusual and inspiring way. She’s written several books on this topic, incorporating her passion for the body-mind-spirit approach to healing.

Come and join us for a healing conversation, not only around end-of-life and grief issues, but around the many ancient and simple integrative and holistic modalities that are here to help us forgive, release, let go and move on! Maria Dancing Heart will share some very simple methods to improve your health and wellness as well.

Living and Working with Chronic Conditions Creatively

Are you dealing with chronic pain or discomfort? There are many holistic ways to cope with and even heal chronic conditions that develop in our bodies. Maria Hoaglund has been a body-mind-spirit specialist for many years and even written several books incorporating these topics and her passion for the body-mind-spirit approach to healing. Some of the modalities she will introduce are: Acupressure points (finger holds!), guided meditation, essential oils, and brain gym. She’ll also bring some of her healing instruments to share.

Join us for a healing conversation about how to relieve chronic pain naturally. You’ll also hear about some ancient, simple integrative and holistic practices that can help us forgive, release, let go and move on. Maria will also share some very simple methods to improve your health and wellness.

Please contact Maria if you would like to have her speak in your community.




Awesome! Maria, herself, is healing. She has such a gentle soul and very spiritual. Her message is very much of our landscape today. So needed. She embodies a sense of deeper understanding and connection to over coming the fear of death. Her message of love of self, forgiveness, and respect of death does heal, does remove the sense of doubt and fear of aging and death. She leaves you with a sense of peace. I’m glad I didn’t miss her talk.

Jan G.


I told Janice that having you here is definitely the best thing she has done for me, and to please have you back soon! Fortunately, I bought both of your books so I continue to have you with me in that way. You are a great writer, with a good vocabulary (you keep my pen busy writing down words to look up). My own word usage is good, just not as good as yours.

Being now 92, I read the discussion on hospice eagerly. Very good. I look in the mirror each morning saying “you could die today,” so you can see that your influence in my life is taking hold of me. I haven’t finished ether of the books yet but find them very good reading. Thanks for writing them.

I found your poise to be nothing short of amazing. This was a challenging audience. They posed no problem for you. You have so much to share. Keep on sharing!

Jim Davidson, Social Service Director


I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you and loved your message to all of us. It really made me see life and death differently. I live in Saudi Arabia and plan to go again this summer to be with my mother who lives at Windsor manor (Glendale, CA). I hope to meet you again at that time. Thanks again for bringing comfort to my life. I look forward to reading your book.

Gail Antabi