Water Bugs and Dragonflies

In the bottom of an old, quiet pond lived a colony of water bugs. They could not understand why none of them ever came back after crawling up the stems of the lilies to the surface.

After some conversation, they promised each other that the next one who ended up making the next upward climb would return, and tell the rest of the colony about what happened.

Soon, the one who had suggested this plan to begin with, found himself climbing up a lily stalk. He broke through the surface of the water, and landed on a broad, green lily pad. In the process, he went through a glorious transformation and was made into a dragonfly with extraordinarily beautiful wings!

Next, he tried to keep his promise to the rest of the colony, but he could not. He flew back and forth over the pond, peering down at his friends below. He realized that even if his friends could see him, they would not recognize him because of the tremendous change his body had gone through. He decided that he would just have to wait to see the rest of them until they became dragonflies.

Then, he flew off happily into his wonderful new surroundings, looking forward to a new adventure!

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