We are living through extreme change at this time on planet earth. Many people are undergoing huge transformations in their lives. These include job changes, relationship changes, friendship changes, health changes. Some are even deciding to leave the planet and move on to other realities of experience.

Maria’s two-fold mission is to:

  1. Help more Americans overcome the still insidious fear of death in our culture by opening up the conversation and encouraging people to see the beauty, sacredness, and positive aspects of death.
  2. Show baby boomers and healthcare practitioners who are struggling with aging parents, burnout, or some kind of stuckness in their lives, how to find and create more Hope, Joy, Energy and Freedom in their lives!

It is Maria’s prayer and passion that death and grief will come to be viewed in more gentle, loving ways. We can see these experiences as adventures and “gifts” in our lives that occur as part of the natural cycle of life, rather than experiences to be avoided or pushed under the rug. Rather than viewing death as something to be feared, we can come to experience it as a beautiful and sacred event, not unlike a birth – something we can even look forward to, when the time comes. It is also Maria’s fervent hope that American physicians and health care professionals will continue to open up more space for death in our hospitals. Maria’s message is helping “to bring death back to life!”

Below is Maria’s Toastmasters talk on “Befriending Death”.


Relaxation is the key to the stress and fear that change can sometimes create in our lives. If we can relax enough, we can get through any change – including the biggest change, the final transition, or helping others through their final transition, grief, or stress.

While on her way to the beautiful island of Hawaii a few years ago, Maria ran into a friend who was also traveling there–to care for his ailing mother who was on hospice. He shared with her that an emergency care physician let him know the following four clues when she found out that he was caring for his dying mother:

  1. You are on a severe learning curve.
  2. No one can predict what will happen–despite many who think they can.
  3. You are under more stress than you think you are.
  4. You must do things to take care of your stress, both for you and for the sake of your mother who you’re caring for.

You may be undergoing some of these kinds of experiences as you move through change. Maria is convinced that relaxing and loving to care for yourself are the keys to dealing with the stress in your life today. If you can relax enough, you can get through any change–including the biggest change, the final transition. You are also likely to better help others through their transitions, grief, or stress when you are more centered and love yourself.

On this website you can read about Maria Dancing Heart’s books and resources that will help ease you through transitions of all kinds. Maria is also available for transitions coaching and counseling to help you through your transformations. Please contact her by email or phone for a brief, FREE consultation to get to know Maria and to see if you’d like to work with her. You can release your fears and shift your perspective about the unknown future. “All shall be well, all shall be well, all manner of thing shall be well.” — Julian of Norwich

You are also invited to visit Maria’s website, www.SedonaEnergyMaria.com, where you can see more about the transformative energy work she does in the magnificent City of Light, Sedona, AZ. This work helps people who are stuck in any way in their lives move forward with more grace and ease. Maria does this energy work in person as well as long distance, via Skype and email. She also can work with animals/pets.

Below are a few more videos from Maria’s Youtube Channel.

Talking with Children About Death

Below is a video where Maria explains how she talks with children about death. Click here┬áto read one of her favorite children’s stories about understanding death and transformation.


How to Comfort People in Deep Grief

In the following video, Maria shares some tips on how to be with someone in deep grief.


How Can We Better Deal With Death?

Here, Maria discusses some of her ideas about how we in America can better “make friends” with death.

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